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Presentation University of Salford

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Handout - create your own life space map and evaluate the affordances for personal creativity in each of your life spaces

Powerpoint slides with voting results will be uploaded after the presentation. 


Streaming Video by Ustream


Principles for a curriculum to nurture creative development (see paper)


 An imaginative lifewide curriculum:

  1. gives learners the freedom and empowers them to make choices so that they can find deeply satisfying and personally challenging situations that inspire, engage and develop themselves
  2. enables learners to appreciate the significance of being able to deal with situations and see situations as the focus for their personal and social development
  3. prepares learners for and gives them experiences of adventuring in uncertain and unfamiliar situations where the contexts and challenges are not known, accepting the risks involved
  4. supports learners when they participate in situations that require them to be resilient and enables them to appreciate their own transformation
  5. enables learners to experience, feel and appreciate themselves as knower, maker, player, narrator, enquirer, creator and integrator of all that they know and can do, and enables them to think and act in complex situations
  6. encourages learners to be creative, enterprising and resourceful in order to accomplish the things that they and others value
  7. enables learners to develop and practise the repertoire of communication and literacy skills they need to be effective in a modern, culturally diverse, networked world
  8. enables learners to develop relationships that facilitate collaboration, learning and personal development
  9. encourages learners to behave ethically and with social responsibility
  10. encourages and enables learners to be wilful, self-directed, self-regulating, self-aware and reflexive so that they develop a keen sense of themselves as designers/authors and developers of their own lives appreciating and acting upon their learning and developmental needs as they emerge.


If you would like to comment on or contribute to the further development of these principles and ideas please get in touch



Video clips used in presentation of  people describing situations in which

they have used their creativity to achieve something they and others value.

When viewing the student videos be mindful of the principles outlined above.


















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